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Iranian researchers boost solar cells performance by anti-aggregates

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researchers have designed and built solar cells doing well in converting solar energy into electricity, using nano-technology.

Dr. Mojgan Hossein-Nejad, the lead author of the study said the project is using low-price and available material. “The results of the plan can be used in centers using powers and solar cells.”

She further added that Iran holds massive potentials to generate power from solar energy and can generate 5000 MW/CK power from solar panels.

According to the researcher, the study synthesizes organic dyes useful for solar cells. It also investigates materials as aggregates in the titanium dioxide nanostructure, examining performance of solar cells.

Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) are of high efficiency for converting light into electricity. The organic dyes used in the cells can well aggregate on the titanium dioxide nanostructure.

Use of anti-aggregates combinations is one of the practical methods to destroy or lessen the dyes aggregates.

The study has mainly sought improving performance of solar cells, using anti-aggregates.

The results of the project have been published in Materials Technology Journal.

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